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About Marni Fruit

Marni Fruit believes in taking care of fruit and vegetables and delivering excellence, in sharing knowledge, in showing courage. We do not have to be the largest but we do want to be the best.  We constantly strive to provide the best products and services at all times and we set high standards for ourselves.
Since our inception in 2000 we do the one thing we do best, every day: supplying top quality products at an attractive price and under the most ideal circumstances. This is what we are good at, and why we are proud of our organization. 
Within our capacity as importers, we work closely with, and buy directly from all major fruit and vegetable exporting countries. We are constantly searching for the best products.  Towards that end, we travel all around the world with our knowledge and expertise, to select the perfect, as well as wide, varieties of fruit and vegetables to offer our clients. At Marni Fruit, we believe that we grow by working together. 
Marni Fruit specializes in mix pallets. One of the reasons our customers choose Marni is because we get the right product to the right place. This gives our clients peace of mind.
As well as being expert greengrocers, we have our own growers association as well as a large temperature controlled distribution center in Barendrecht with 7 large cold stores.  We provide flexible and reliable prompt service to all our customers.
Under the great, rolling city of Rotterdam, that is no mean feat!  We roll up our sleeves and do everything for the best result. No bridge too far. No challenge is too great. 
Marni Fruit. Started out as a boyhood dream.  Now a dynamic company and a certified importer and exporter of fruit and vegetables.